Salmon in Berkeley? Records presents a clip from Captain Mike's new CD "Wild Salmon Don't Get The Blues"

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June 2005

At the height of Salmon Season, during a year that would have provided record catches, the California Salmon Fleet is not allowed to fish.

Decisions made by the federal government didn't allow enough water to run down the Klamath River, pushing the Klamath Salmon populations to the brink of extinction. In order to protect the remaining few Klamath Salmon, our fleet stays tied up to the docks for one whole month.

The fishing towns of Eureka and Fort Bragg will not see any Salmon revenues this year and probably not next year either. Our whole coastal community is hurting. The hoists that usually lift millions of pounds of King Salmon off our boats will not be used, fuel docks won't sell any fuel or ice to our fishermen, supply businesses will not sell any supplies, campgrounds will stay empty, jobs are lost.

The fishing organizations who fight to keep water in our rivers are experiencing a shortage of necessary funds that are usually raised by a self-taxation of our fishermen.

So, since I was just sitting and moping around the house, I thought I could record some music - a little blues to ease the pain and help out.

I hope you will enjoy the tunes!!

The profits from the sales of this record will be distributed to the following organizations to fight for more clean, cold water in the Klamath and other rivers:

PCFFA, the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations. Working hard to support sustainable fisheries, the PCFFA is our biggest commercial fishing organization along the coast.

SOS, Save our Wild Salmon. Located in Washington State they are putting up a tremendous effort to tear down the dams on the Columbia River to restore the Salmon populations of this once mighty river.

Salmon Nation - A community of caretakers and citizens, tribes, fishermen, farmers, loggers and urban dwellers working to improve our neighborhoods and watersheds.

The record will be available by July 30, 2005 through these organizations and through various other local outlets including Hudson Fish Co.

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