SBCSFA - the Small Boat Commercial Salmon Fishermen's Association represents California family fishing operators statewide.

The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations
protects our fisheries by protecting and enhancing our fish stocks and through legislative action that aims to insure our access to the resources.

The California Salmon Council,
in cooperation with industry and government, will actively pursue efforts to develop, maintain and expand domestic and international markets at profitable levels, for California King Salmon and salmon products.
Diver Duck Productions together with Phil Frank (Farley) has produced a T-shirt to benefit PCFFA. Very interesting website about crabbing in SF.



Save Our Wild Salmon
An organization working on restoration of the Columbia River

Ecotrust - Salmon Nation
Alliance of tribes, fishermen, farmers, loggers, and urban-dwellers working together to improve our neighborhoods and watersheds

Institute for Fisheries Resources
IFR unites resource stakeholders, protects fish populations, and restores aquatic habitats.

Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform
Encouraging retailers to do the responsible thing and stop selling farmed salmon until it is produced in a responsible safe way.

GE - Free Sonoma County
grassroots organization working to keep Sonoma County's farms, ecosystems and public lands free from contamination by genetically engineered (GE) organisms

GMO-Free Alameda County A group of Alameda County residents concerned about the issues surrounding GMO crops and foods.


Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch
Inventors of the Seafood Watch Pocket Guide

Save our Shores
Our mission is to protect and conserve the marine ecosystems of California's central coast for all generations.

Marine Fish Conservation Network
The Marine Fish Conservation Network is the largest national coalition solely dedicated to promoting the long-term sustainability of marine fish.

National Marine Sanctuary
The Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary protects an area of 948 square nautical miles (1,255 square miles) off the northern and central California coast.

F/V Bonnie Marietta and Tognazzini's Dockside Restaurant
is our counterpart in the southern CA region. Bonnie and Mark Tognazzini also own one of the last 'active fishing family' operated restaurants on the coast. They exclusively use locally caught fish, fresh off the boat. If you're in Morro Bay, stop by and tell 'em we said Hi!