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Shaneberto Berkeley, CA
Great product from great people. Get on their email list and they let you know what will be available at each market. If you know what you want you can email/call ahead and reserve your order so you won't go away empty handed. The fish is top notch. The shrimp are large and much better than what you get at the grocery store. I started buying salmon during salmon season but now I get my fish from them year round. They'll give you recipes and answer any questions.

Diana M. San Francisco, CA
The best prawns this side of the Mississippi! They fish, you grub and it's worth every penny. Their selection is based on what's in season so you're always getting THE best.

The sell out fast, so get to the farmer's market as early as you can. If you're not an early bid, you can call them ahead of time to have them set aside your selection.

Mori Y. Berkeley, CA
You better get in line early, because once Hudson Fish opens their stand at the Berkeley and El Cerrito farmers' markets it goes fast. Why? They seriously have the BEST fish you can get in the Bay Area. What they lack in selection and stock they more than make up for in quality, preparation, and know-how. On top of that, they know where every single fillet comes from, and they're awful nice and cheerful at the markets, just as fishermen/women are.

What makes their fish so damn tasty? For starters, they get in fresh wild catches instead of farmed fish you get at the store - big difference in flavor. They also have the cleanest, most pristine fillets I have ever had the pleasure to cook. My only qualm is that they do not bring any whole fish to market, but I can easily overlook that considering how skillfully prepared their fish is. They also carry excellent tasting shrimp and crabs. Surprisingly, their prices are very competitive - and you know that what you're getting is in season and caught locally.

Simply the BEST... I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Kenneth R. Berkeley, CA
"Hudson" is the owners' family name; there's no reference to the Hudson River. (Thought you'd get some shad from these people?) The Hudsons appear at the El Cerrito farmers' market on Saturdays and the Berkeley all-organic market on Thursdays. Oh, yes: they come to the new Kensington farmers' market on Sundays (10AM-2PM). As their web site says, "Captain Mike plays the Blues when he's not fishing." In fact, I came to their site while trying to find a good blues band for a party in September. You'll find sample blues tracks linked to the Hudson Fish web page.

I was a first-time customer today at the EC market. I bought a pouch of salmon filets and grilled them. This was the best fish that I'd had in a long time. I shy away from the word "tasty," which I think is over-used. But this fish was bursting with taste and "tasty" genuinely describes it.

Last Saturday we brought a pound of your white prawns. I marinated the prawns in lemon juice, ginger root, thai chili sauce and olive oil, and then grilled them lightly. They were excellent--juicy, plump, slightly sweet and full of that rich subtle flavor that the best prawns have. My wife and I had forgotten how wonderful prawns can taste after eating all those bland, soggy farm-raised prawns. Thank you for bringing such delicious bounty from the ocean to the bay area, and here's my wish for your good fishing. Bill and Diane

Have a great all need one. And thanks for really good smoked salmon. Mary M.

Dear Yvette and Mike --
We've been on the go and will be on the go, but I wanted to wish you very Happy Holidays.
I especially want to thank you for all the wonderful fish dinners and lunches you've brought into our lives and the lives of our local daughter and her family, with your catches and business.With all best wishes for great success in 2004 and beyond.Love, Barb W.

A friend of mine raves about the salmon you sell and mentioned I could get on your email list. Please add my name and let me know when the next opportunity will be to buy some of your fish. Thanks, Marina B.

Hi Yvette, We really enjoyed your catch of salmons and would like to buy some more. When do you expect to have any for sale? Thanks a lot. Rita & Ali

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful salmon, I'm the caterer that bought 13 lbs of fillet on sat the 27th. I slow baked it with shallots, lemon zest and tarragon, it was great everybody loved it, I'm hoping I can use more later, but I wanted to ask how long the season lasts. Into September? October? Thanks again, Sean Sprague

Hey Yvette! Thanks to you and Mike for the awesome salmon we enjoyed last night. Please reply with the details of how I can buy directly from you guys. ~Lou